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We’ve deciphered the code, collected the facts as they are today, and set the stage for everything you need to know about Gen Z; and what it actually means to capture and delight them.


There's a disconnect
when it comes to 
banks and Gen Z:
We're calling it Gap Z

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Introducing Steez

A collaboration between Tearsheet and Publicis Sapient. STEEZ is a hub for finserv professionals high and low to learn what it takes to capture, delight, and retain today’s financial consumer.

The need to meet Gen Z where they are is obvious. That need is far greater in financial services – an industry built by, and for, Boomers and Gen Xers. We are moving in the right direction, but the industry is still light years behind conquering the Gen Z mindset. That's why we're bringing you...

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The STEEZ Guide lays the groundwork, asking and answering the important questions: Who is Gen Z? What’s their relationship to money? How are they banking? And most importantly, the anatomy of a Gen Z-ready institution.

Delivering you a working definition of what it means to stand up for this unique generation in financial services and beyond. 

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Rediness Index Survey

Are You Gen Z Ready? 

We’ve created a questionnaire to measure how prepared US financial institutions are to serve the Gen Z demographic. The insights gathered will be distributed to banks and fintechs’ executive teams, so they can develop effective strategies to address this segment. We would love to get your input to help us make it great.




We’re kicking off the first episode of our Steez Podcast with a bang and a common message: youth are the future. 

Host Rebecca Cohen was joined by Kristy Kim, CEO of TomoCredit, Michael T. Pugh, CEO, and President of Carver Federal Savings Bank, and Lule Demmissie CEO of eToro.



Today’s episode is all about the creator economy. Host Rebecca Cohen was joined by Tony Tran, CEO of Lumanu, Blake Michael, Creator with 5M+ followers, actor and entrepreneur, and Julia Montgomery CEO and founder of Influent.



In episode #3 of the Steez podcast, we talk about FinTok, and why Gen Zers are getting their financial education from social media. Our host, Rebecca Cohen is joined by Michael Wang, founder, and CEO of Prometheus, Jeff Frommer, Chief Content Officer at MoneyLion, and Michael Borough founder of Altro.



In episode 4, we talk about how Gen Z is changing the financial space in e-commerce. They prefer shopping experiences that are more convenient and spontaneous, seamlessly interwoven with social media. Our host, Rebecca Cohen is joined by Mallory Russell, head of global content at Square, Michael Saadat, head of public policy at Block, and Maran Nalluswami, SVP of diversified and value at Synchrony.



In the fifth and final episode of the Steez podcast, we talk about how Gen Z views sustainable investing. They are not just investing to align with their values. They are actively driving change with every purchasing preference and transaction. Our host, Rebecca Cohen, is joined by Jessica Matthews, Managing Director and Global Head of Sustainable Investing at J.P. Morgan, Jean-Louis Warnholz (CEO and Co-founder), and Eunice Jung (Head of Partnerships) from Future.

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